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The Thermo collection is particularly suitable for low temperatures. Even in icy cold, you will not get cold with Thermo technology.

For the Thermo technology we use both natural fibers, such as merino wool, cotton or modal, and synthetic fibers, such as polyester and polyproprylene.

Articles made of cotton are extremely robust and windproof. The climate fibers merino wool and polyproprylene impress with their odor inhibiting and easy-care properties. In addition, comazo|protect products equipped with thermal technology are always exceptionally soft and light.

Why? The multi-dimensional knitting technique we use for thermal underwear contains air pockets between the skin and functional underwear. Heat is stored in these air channels and gradually released back to the athlete and wearer. The athlete feels warm even after the sport. As a positive side effect, the functional underwear becomes extra light and never gets in your way.



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