Belltron ®

Belltron ®

Belltron® is an antistatic, carbon-containing light fiber.

Belltron® antistatic conductive fibers are available in more than 20 combinations of colors and polymers, depending on the application. Static control is achieved by adding small amounts of Belltron® to the primary fiber of choice. Even by adding small amounts of Belltron® to the primary material, workwear will exhibit antistatic properties.
Belltron® also offers superior abrasion resistance due to the impregnated nature of the antistatic elements. Belltron® is not a composite fiber, but a nylon or polyester fiber with continuously embedded antistatic particles exposed on the outer surface of the fiber. This new structure gives Belltron® excellent antistatic properties as well as outstanding physical properties. Since Belltron®'s® fiber surface is smooth, unlike carbon-coated fibers, it has almost the same processability as regular nylon.

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