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Kermel ®

Kermel ®

Kermel® fibers result from Rhône Poulenc research in the sixties. At that time, tests were carried out in Colmar, France to determine which properties were essential for flame retardant clothing. Kermel® fiber was first introduced to the market in 1972 and has been continuously developed ever since.

The Kermel® fiber belongs to the so-called meta-aramid fibers, which are heat-resistant and permanently flame retardant even without chemical treatment. Kermel® fiber does not melt at extremely high temperatures, it carbonizes.
In contrast to other aramid fibers, however, Kermel® fiber has a smooth, round structure and is dyed right through at the time of production (spinneret-dyed). The advantages are obvious: durable protection without impregnation. So there is no risk of the protective effect being partially or completely cancelled out by treatment with the wrong chemical during washing. Fabrics with Kermel® fibres have a pleasantly soft, supple feel. The smooth round structure reduces the
Pilling, the formation of nodules. The colors remain permanently fresh, even after many washes.
Today, fabrics with Kermel® fibers are successfully used by fire departments, police, military and industry worldwide.

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