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Multidimensional fabric structures

Multidimensional fabric structures

Multidimensional fabric structures are clever innovations by our comazo|protect textile engineers.

Conventional suppliers of workwear and protective clothing prefer ordinary textile materials in simple 2D models.

Comazo, on the other hand, combines several types of knitwear to unite the required properties of the wearer in one product.

This enables us to design protective and functional underwear in such a way that the sometimes controversial properties such as windproof, flame retardant and air permeability can be combined in just one article.

In addition, comazo|protect developed a multidimensional fiber mixture of cotton, polyproprylene and modal. The inside of the underwear is made of the climatic fiber polyproprylene. Polyproprylene ensures extremely fast sweat transport. The outer material side made of Modal and cotton, on the other hand, ensures maximum evaporation and pleasant warmth. Cotton and Modal fibers are extremely hydrophilic, i.e. water-loving. This creates a suction effect and sweat is transported away from the skin to the outer layer of clothing at breakneck speed. These multidimensional fabric structures leave nothing to be desired.

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