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Lenzing FR ®

The flame retardant cellulose fiber


Lenzing FR ® is made from beech wood and is a technological masterpiece.


The fiber meets the highest demands when working in the heat or the danger of fire and protects against heat stress. Made from natural raw material wood, the fiber provides protection in a wide variety of work areas. Lenzing FR® sets the global quality standard among cellulose fibers with incorporated flame retardancy. Lenzing FR® helps to perform better in extreme situations. Overheating of the body (so-called heat stress) is a major danger when working under enormous physical strain. Due to best moisture management and excellent breathability of Lenzing FR®, this deadly risk decreases.


Performance and efficiency of the wearer are increased if the parameters of physiological wearing comfort are met. With Lenzing FR®, the body can be cooled due to high moisture absorption and release, thereby reducing excessive fatigue, muscle cramps and breathing difficulties. Lenzing FR® increases the wearer's physiological performance while reducing the risk of burns, heat accumulation and heat stroke. The increased performance of the wearer achieved by Lenzing FR® can save lives in life-threatening situations.

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