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Drying process

For the drying process, comazo|protect uses a nozzle shrink dryer, this makes safety clothing comfortably soft.

The function of the nozzle shrink dryer

When drying, it is important to ensure that the residual shrinkage value is minimized. The residual shrinkage value indicates how much the fabric from which the workwear is made can shrink under heat.

The reasons for shrinkage of functional textiles depend on the material and production. In order to keep this residual shrinkage of the workwear as low as possible, it is necessary to return the stitch construction to its original state. This process is called relaxation. In the nozzle shrink dryer, the unfinished safety clothing lies on Teflon-coated carrier belts, is shrunk and can simultaneously relax during drying. Ventilation intensity and temperatures can be changed individually depending on the product.

Thus, we achieve a better unfolding and the problem of shrinkage of the fabric is optimally counteracted. The nozzle shrink dryer manages to achieve residual shrinkage values below 5%. After drying and relaxing, the fabric feels soft and comfortable.

The nozzle shrink dryer can also impress with its high production output with low energy consumption.






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