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Our dyeing machine that beats everything.

The function of the Fabric-Master

The Fabric-Master promises colorfast, resistant comazo|protect underwear with unique color properties!

The construction of storage, reel and intensive section enables us to dye the Lycra-viscose blends, as well as other elastic fabrics open-width, wrinkle-free and without edge curling. This eliminates the tedious, time-consuming and costly process of sewing into the tube and cutting it open again. Your favorite garment will be evenly dyed.

Perfor-Technique - the fabric reservoir is provided with fine holes, which are covered by a thin Teflon foil. Thus, the water we need for dyeing flows off optimally and your dyed workwear is drained to the maximum

Plug and Play - different valve groups can be used variably. This allows us to produce your protective underwear individually, and in a variety of colors.

Smooth Flow - individually adjustable nozzle depending on the material properties and weight of the garment. This prevents your favorite garments from being washed away






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