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Es ist uns ein wichtiges Anliegen, höchste Standards und Anforderungen für Qualität, Sicherheit, Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit zu erfüllen. Aus diesem Grund, lassen wir unser Know-how regelmäßig zertifizieren und unterziehen uns strengen Prüfungen.

Unsere Zertifikate – Ihr Mehrwert! Mit Comazo sind Sie auf der sicheren Seite!

Übersicht unserer Zertifizierungen

  • Clean Fleet - Clean Advantage

    Sustainability is a priority at Comazo! This is why our fleet of vehicles is now part of the "Clean Advantage" program.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard

    GOTS was developed as a seal of quality by the world's leading textile associations and identifies ecologically and socially responsible textiles made from natural fibers.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard

    GOTS was developed by leading global textile associations as a seal of quality and identifies ecologically and socially responsible textiles made from natural fibers.

  • Protective clothing against electrostatic discharge

    EN 1149 approved protective clothing is used in environments where there is a risk of explosion.

  • Protetive clothing for fire fighters

    This label contains the minimum safety requirements, test methods design features and performance requirements for fire hoods for protection from heat and flame.

  • Protective clothing against heat and flame

    This seal is specifically designed for protective clothing for end users who are exposed to brief contact with flames and against a limited amount of convective, contact and radiant heat.

  • Ecological and fair

    Fairtrade standards are based on three essential values: economy, ecology and society.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard

    GOTS is a globally recognized textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

  • Approved seal for hygienic products

    The Seal "Hy-Tec tested" is one of only two approved test seals for hygienic products

  • Standard 100

    The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a worldwide independent testing and certification system for raw textile materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production.

  • Quality Management System

    The ISO 9001 standard is a Quality Management System guideline which companies can voluntarily choose to comply with.

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