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Euramid® fiber belongs to the so-called meta-aramid fibers, which are heat-resistant and permanently flame-retardant even without chemical finishing. At extremely high temperatures, Euramid® fiber does not melt, it carbonizes.


In contrast to other aramid fibers, however, Euramid® fiber has a smooth, round structure and is dyed through (spun dyed). The advantages are obvious: permanent protection without impregnation. So, no risk of partial or total loss of protective effect due to treatment with the wrong chemical during washing. Fabrics with Euramid® fibers have a pleasantly soft, supple feel. The smooth round structure reduces the formation of knots, known as pilling. The colors remain permanently fresh, even after many washes. Fabrics with Euramid® fibers are now successfully used worldwide by fire departments, police forces, the military and in industry.

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