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Heliot kalander

The last step before cutting.

The function of the heliot kalander

The comazo|protect calander ensures that the workwear produced has optimum density and is extremely smooth right from the start. Later pilling - namely the formation of nodules on your safety clothing - shrinkage or stretching when you wear the protective workwear is thus prevented.

The term calander comes from the French "calandre" and means the "laundry roll". As the word suggests, the machine consists of several heated rolls, or rollers.

Our calander has 15 rollers, each varying in size and surface. Some rollers have a very hard surface, while others are rather soft. During calandering, the fabric for your functional underwear passes through all rollers one after the other. Each roller presses the textile and the threads together to create a compact fabric.

There is therefore no longer any risk of the products warping. The pilling effect is also extremely reduced, so that your protective workwear has a long service life and can reliably accompany you in your work.






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