PBI-Gold ®

PBI-Gold ®

The PBI-Gold® blend consists of 40% of the thermally stable, flame retardant PBI fiber and 60% of a high-strength para-aramid fiber.

It is a high-tech fabric for thermal protection, comfort and durability. PBI-Gold® does not shrink, does not become brittle, and does not crack when exposed to very high heat and flame. As a result, PBI-Gold® offers excellent protection for extreme situations in flames.

Customers particularly rave about the improved comfort and high breathability, which results in less heat stress. Comazo|protect functional underwear made of PBI is pleasantly soft to wear, pliable, flexible and thus ensures that firefighters have a high degree of freedom of movement during their work.

PBI-Gold® also stands out for the durability of the material, which is why PBI products will accompany you for almost your entire life.

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