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Mesh structures paired with comb-like tuck stitch textiles make all the difference in our collections. comazo|protect skillfully combines several types of knitwear to unite the wearer's required properties in one product.


The 6-dimensional elasticity technology allows the athlete and wearer of our workwear, protective underwear and sportswear unprecedented mobility. Products equipped with this technology have a perfect, stretchy fit. Depending on the body measurement, the product ideally hugs the bosy and minimises slipping or warping of the comazo|protect article – without constricting. On the contrary, the technology assures the wearer to be extremely flexible at all times. The materials used have excellent elasticity in 6 dimensions. Seams were almost completely omitted to avoid pressure points. The result is a masterful stretchability and optimal freedom of movement.


Our range of workwear and protective clothing also includes special items that prevent or reduce the static charging of objects. These items are used especially for work in the chemical sector or in refineries, as well as for protection against thermal hazards of a faulty arc. Best electrostatic functions and fault arc protection are essential and indispensable for the safety of your employees. 


Knitted-in climate zones and incorporated stretch inserts ensure that the movements adapt optimally to the wearer. Thus, our products combine optimal protection with maximum freedom of movement. The high degree of freedom of movement also functions as preventive protection. They reduce the risk of fatigue occurring at work and lower associated safety risks. The ergonomic fit ensures freedom of movement for any physique.


Incorporated silver ions neutralize odors from the very beginning. These are activated by rising body heat and immediately show their effect. The molecules block the multiplication of bacteria that cause the unpleasant odor. The product remains fresh and comfortable to wear even after a hard day of work. Our anti-smell technology is incorporated into the workwear during production, so that the silver ions are firmly anchored to the clothing and are not lost through repeated washing.


Hy-performance® is the innovative solution for unpleasant sweat odor paired with optimal sweat management during physical activity. hy-performance® is a finishing technology that guarantees professional sweat management, odour inhibition and ideal skin hygiene. Sweat is quickly transported away from the body and hy-performance® prevents the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria. The wearer feels fresh and dry! hy-performance® is used in the 7777 adult series.


For the success of your work, it is important that you can relie upon maximum performance. The body temperature must be in the optimal range for that, which is between 36.8°C and 37.5°C.  Workwear and protective clothing must, on the one hand, protect you from cooling down. On the other hand, it has to prevent your body temperature from rising above 37.5°C, so that you can make full use of your energy and power reserves at all times, no matter whether you are exposed to extreme heat or cold. Phase Change stores your surplus body heat when you get too hot and gives it back to you when you need it again in the cold. At low outside temperatures, the complex system has an insulating effect.


Comazo|protect relies on aramide for flame protection. The special yarn consists of about 115 individual fibers and thus has an extremely high resistance. Aramide fibers, such as "Kermel", are the optimal solution for protective workwear that will go through the fire with you. In addition to their exceptional heat and fire resistance, they are also resistant to acids, alkalis or other corrosive liquids. The aramid fiber also impresses with the different longitudinal and transverse directions of the fiber. This effectively prevents the transmission of heat. The flame-resistant material has no melting point. Burns caused by melting material are therefore ruled out. The material only carbonises at temperatures above 400 °C.


The sports and functional clothing including seamless technology hugs the body perfectly and ensures extremely high freedom of movement. The seamless technology adapts to the body and thus prevents pressure points. Seams will not press or rub. The feeling of well-being on the skin remains and you can fully concentrate on work or sports. Seamless products do not consist of sewn-together individual parts like classic underwear, they are produced on modern circular knitting machines and manifactured in one piece. All Seamless shorts and shirts also impress with different functional zones in body regions where we sweat particularly intensively, e.g. the armpits or in the back of the knees. In these zones, the product becomes particularly breathable due to air inclusions. They feel like a second skin and are particularly comfortable.


Comazo underwear is usually worn all day and directly on your skin. Only if the baselayer fits perfectly and does not interfere, you can show maximum performance. Especially with textiles you wear close to your body, the fit and choice of material is crucial for concentration and performance; the clothing must not negatively affect your performance under any circumstances. Sometimes, even small, uncomfortable seams or labels are enough. Smooootec® counteracts just that. Sophisticated finishing technology improves the comfortable feel and softness of our collections. Thanks to the Tubular Squeezer, protective clothing and sportswear become even more supple and super soft. Smooootec® ensures a smooth workday and sports activities without obstacles. Smooootec® is Comazo's patented textile technology. This technology is unique globally and your skin will love the difference.


Sweat Management makes the sweaty activities of sports or work more bearable. The fibers used are characterized by their extremely hydrophobic properties. Thanks to a sophisticated, multi-dimensional polyester fabric, sweat is immediately transported to the outside and prevents wet, uncomfortable skin. During labor-intensive processes, the skin thus remains persistently dry and there is no risk of your body cooling down if you ever take a break.


The Thermo collection is particularily suitable for low temperatures. Even in icy cold you will not get cold with Thermo technology. For Thermo technology, we use both natural fibers, such as merino wool, cotton or modal, as well as synthetic fibers, such as polyester and polyproprylene. Products made of cotton are extremely robust and windproof. The climate fibers merino wool and polyproprylene impress with their odour-inhibiting and easy-care properties. In addition, comazo|protect products equipped with thermal technology are always exceptionally soft and light. Why? The multi-dimensional knit we use in thermal underwear includes air pockets between the skin and the functional underwear. Heat is stored in these air channels and gradually released back to the athlete and wearer. The athlete thus feels warm even after sports. As a positive side effect, the functional underwear feels extra light and thus never gets in your way.



In freezing temperatures, Comazo relies on innovative heating technologies. Optimal heat storage thanks to inner roughening insulating air cushions in the knitted fabric. These allow the cold to bounce off easily. All the hair of their high-tech furs are hollow on the inside with an air channel just one thousandth of a millimeter thin. Since air is a very poor conductor of heat, this produces the same effect as a thermos. According to this ideal, we provide both our merino wool and synthetic fibers such as polyamide and polyester with a pore during spinning. To keep as much air as possible in the yarn, we put several air channels into the fibers. These hollow fibers insulate the body heat and create a pleasantly cozy warm feeling.

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