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Funktionshose lang

Funktionshose lang

Functional underwear

Functional pants long

Unisex functional pants with optimal heat protection

22,95 €
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Product description 

Long functional underpants made of functional two-layer material. Very breathable and transparent to moisture during all activities. For years the trousers have proven their worth for numerous special units. First-class wearing comfort due to flat seams. Perfect clothing physiological properties provide an ideal microclimate. First-class temperature balance between warm and cold.


  • made of functional two-layer material
  • breathability and moisture transport
  • ideal base layer
  • for numerous police and special units
  • unisex


  • 60% Cotton
  • 40% Polyamide

Product instructions

  • Multidimensional fabric structures are clever innovations by our Comazo textile engineers

  • Sweat Management makes the sweaty activities at sports or at work more bearable for you. The fibers used are characterized by their extremely hydrophobic properties.

  • In frosty temperatures, Comazo relies on innovative heating technologies. Optimum heat storage through internal roughening or thanks to insulating air cushions in the knitted fabric.


  • Cotton is a pure natural fiber and is used very often in the clothing industry. It is extremely durable and resistant to external influences.

  • The advantage of functional fibers is that they release moisture to the outside and are therefore breathable. They can also contain basic and/or thermal functions.

Care instructions

  • 60° normal wash cycle

  • Ironing at level one

  • Dry in tumble dryer at low temperature

  • Do not bleach

  • Non-dry cleaning

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