Ecologically and socially fair

Fairtrade aims to reduce imbalances in global trade and awards textiles whose cotton has been grown in a socially fair and sustainable manner.

The Fairtrade standard is based on three essential values: economy, ecology and social issues. With the certification, Comazo supports the Fairtrade organization and makes an important contribution to improving working conditions in the countries where the cotton is produced.

Fairtrade certified farmers receive fair wages, a Fairtrade supplement and a premium for organic production. During cultivation, attention is paid to sustainability with regard to water, vegetation, fauna and soil. Compliance with the standards is regularly monitored.

The certification requires absolute transparency from Comazo of the entire supply chain and all product components. Every comazo|earth product can be traced back to its origins by means of its Fairtrade code. More info at www.fairtrade-deutschland.de



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