z_EN ISO 11612

z_EN ISO 11612

Protective clothing against heat and flame

This seal is specifically designed for protective clothing for end users who are exposed to brief contact with flames and against a limited amount of convective, contact and radiant heat.

This standard is however not applicable to fire-fighters and welders as their exposure to heat and flames is longer and more intense. ISO 11612 requires a number of fabric tests. For example in order to pass the test, the after flame and smoulder times and the formation of holes must be within set tolerances, heat transmission of the fabric when exposed to flames must be within determined parameters, waterproofing and water vapor permeability can also be classified. Even with seams, pockets and such components there is a variety of rules that must be followed e.g. flame retardant properties must be the same as the outer material of the lining. The ISO 11612 standard is to be regarded as a basic standard for all other fire protection standards.


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