Global Organic Textile Standard

GOTS was developed by leading global textile associations as a seal of quality and identifies ecologically and socially responsible textiles made from natural fibers.

The GOTS seal is available in two different versions. The "organic" label is awarded to products with a cotton content of at least 95%.

The second GOTS seal with the indication "Made from organic" - on the other hand, stands for the certification of products that have a lower organic cotton content.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a globally recognized standard that sets the highest requirements for textiles to be evaluated as genuine and consistent natural textiles. For example, a GOTS-certified product must consist of at least 90% pure natural fibers and may contain a maximum of 10% synthetic fibers or viscose, such as is otherwise used for seams, cuffs or labels. In addition, at least 70% of the natural fibers must come from plants or animals from controlled organic farming. There are also strict requirements for dyes, auxiliaries and finishing processes, which must not contain any heavy metals, among other things. Ingredients, accessories and yarns must also be made from natural materials and can therefore only be used to a limited extent. More info about the GOTS certificate can be found on the official website.



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