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In the LAB, our textile engineers and garment technicians work daily on innovations that optimise the functionality of our workwear and protective underwear

Here, every last detail of the underwear is put through its paces - so that you can always rely on our products during work or sports.

This is where the raw material is finished, dyed and refined. Our machine park has several different high-tech machines that are unique in Europe's textile industry. Our modern equipment of textile machines turns the high quality raw materials into textile technology


The Fabric-Master promises colorfast, resistant comazo|protect underwear with unique color properties!
The construction of storage, reel and intensive section enables us to dye the Lycra-viscose blends, as well as other elastic fabrics open-width, wrinkle-free and without edge curling. This eliminates the tedious, time-consuming and costly process of sewing into the tube and cutting it open again. Your favorite garment will be evenly dyed all over.

Perfor-Technique - the fabric reservoir is provided with fine holes, which are covered by a thin Teflon foil. Thus, the water we need for dyeing flows off optimally and your dyed workwear underwear is drained to the maximum.

Plug and Play - different valve groups can be used variably. This allows us to produce your protective underwear individually, and in a variety of colors.

Smooth Flow - individually adjustable nozzle depending on the material properties and weight of the garment. This prevents your favorite garments from being washed away.


The cutting room is located at Comazo's headquarters in Albstadt.

Before cutting, a computer determines the optimal fabric consumption. Under no circumstances do we want to waste precious, high-quality fabrics. The comazo|protect team then enters the cut shape in the PC. The lab team places around 150 layers of fabric sheets on the cutting table. The PC records the technical data and gives the cutter the start instruction. The cutter starts cutting, everything is fully automated. The cutter cuts about 3 meters of fabric per minute.

With the comazo|protect cutter, we have an enormous variety of design options as far as cut shapes are concerned. It doesn't always have to be round or square, any design is possible. These are optimal conditions for producing protective workwear for you that not only fits perfectly, but also meets the highest safety requirements.

Heliot Kalander

The comazo|protect calender ensures that the workwear produced has optimum smoothness and density right from the start. Subsequent pilling - the formation of nodules on your safety clothing - shrinkage or stretching when you wear the protective workwear is thus prevented.

The term calender comes from the French "calandre" and means the "laundry roll". As the word suggests, the machine consists of several heated rollers, or rolls.
Our calender has 15 rollers, each varying in size and surface. Some rollers have a very hard surface, while others are rather soft. During calendering, the fabric for your functional underwear passes through all rollers one after the other. Each roller presses the textile and the threads together, creating a compact fabric.

There is therefore no longer any risk of the products warping. The pilling effect is also extremely reduced, so that your protective workwear has a long service life and can reliably accompany you in your work.


The Syntech-Master is gentle on the product and at the same time on the environment.

The textiles are guided without compression, tension or stress. The dosing of the required dyeing agents is fully automated, so that overloading of the environment is avoided. Dyeing by hand in old cauldrons full of foul-smelling liquids has long been a thing of the past. Today, textiles and especially comazo|protect workwear are dyed professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner. This guarantees gentle treatment of the raw materials. The comazo lab therefore works with the Synthec-Master. A true master of its class!

After passing through the Synthec-Master, the result is a raw article, gently dyed and guaranteed colorfast. In addition, every product at comazo|protect is certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, an independent quality seal that assures you as a consumer that our products are free of hazardous substances.

Drying process

For the drying process, comazo|protect uses a nozzle shrink dryer.
Shrinking is synonymous with shrinkage. During drying, however, it is important to ensure that the residual shrinkage value is minimized. The residual shrinkage value indicates how much the fabric from which the workwear is made can shrink under heat.

The reasons for shrinkage of functional textiles depend on the material and production. In order to keep this residual shrinkage of the workwear as low as possible, it is necessary to return the stitch construction to its original state. This process is called relaxation. In the nozzle shrink dryer, the unfinished safety clothing lies on Teflon-coated carrier belts, is shrunk and can simultaneously relax during drying. Ventilation intensity and temperatures can be changed individually depending on the article.

Thus, we achieve a better unfolding and the problem of shrinkage of the fabric is optimally counteracted. The nozzle shrink dryer manages to achieve residual shrinkage values below 5%. After drying and relaxing, the fabric feels soft and comfortable.

The nozzle shrink dryer can also impress with its high production output with low energy consumption.

Tubular Squeezer

The Tubular Squeezer is intended exclusively for textiles that have been specially developed for comazo|protect protective workwear. After the fabric has been dyed and washed, the next step is further processing with the help of the Tubular Squeezer.
The Tubular Sqeezer is a dewatering unit in which the fabric is passed through two squeezing units after dyeing or bleaching, with the fabric being pre-drawn. This gives your safety garments an even, smooth fabric surface with a pleasant, soft feel.

The squeezer is a novelty in the comazo lab and also has other components, but these must remain a secret here.

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